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Products designed by a young entrepreneur

Grace's Store

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Hi, I'm Grace

I’m a young entrepreneur from Maroubra. I was so excited to be part of this challenge and to learn all about how to create my own product. I chose a mug because my mum and dad both love drinking coffee out of mugs and I figured most parents would be the same, so I hoped this would be a big seller! I wanted to draw a cupcake, because they’re my favourite thing to draw and I’ve practised them a lot. My mum helped me come up with the tagline about eating a cupcake. I loved that because I would always rather be eating a cupcake! I hope you love this mug as much as I do and that it makes you think of yummy cupcakes every time you drink out of it!

PS - I have decided that I will save one third of my profit, spend one third and I am donating one third to the Make a Wish Foundation

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